Cari Info — This tutorial specifically for your Asus Zenfone damaged or softbrick. Usually Asus Zenfone being softbrick can enter fastboot mode, but can't boot and failed to enter the recovery. Don't worry, this method may help you zenfone problems.

Tools used

1. PC / Netbook

2. Take the Android Platform tools here

3. Find fastboot.img, you can search for the type T100F here, here to type T100J, and here for the type T100G.

3. Take the firmware for flashing zenfone you here

Working Processes

1. Extract the Android platform tools (be it in the folder C or D folder)

2. fastboot extract the firmware image that had been taken earlier, just put it in the Android Platform Tools folder (along with adb.exe and fastboot.exe)

3. Turn on the Asus Zenfone and go into fastboot mode (power + volume up)

4. Asus Zenfone plug it into a PC / Laptop

5. In the android platform tools folder push shift + right click and choose "Open command window here"

6. when it can enter the command prompt type "fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img" (without quotation marks) and Enter

7. Wait for the process is running, look at the Asus Zenfone if there are successful writing, then go to the command prompt again and type fastboot reboot-bootloader

8. Zenfone you will restart by itself, and survived because Asus Zenfone you can already go into recovery mode again

9. To flash the firmware, you can see in the posts that I have written here

10. If everything goes normally, be happy :)
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