Cari Info —  Your Lenovo is bootlop? How to fix Lenovo A6000 Bootloop and cannot enter recovery.

While this probably does not yet exist A6000 lenovo tools for flash of HH bootloop. But don't worry because this way can substitute for flash that possibility does not exist. Because I myself have tried in lenovo A6000 turns out to be. Well than many stale base Let's go into the scene only.

First you set up the equipment as below:

1. prepare the laptop/pc
2. the driver, if not already attached to the pc but hh is dead you can get drivers lenovo here
3. prepare the CWM, if not already have you can get here
4. prepare also a custom rom or stock rom, if you don't have you can be right here

After the above materials have been taken, now in practise.

First you set up the laptop/pc continues to connect your hh. If your hh is not detected by pc/laptop, you can install the drivers who have taken over. Although hh still die do not worry, the important hh is already detected by the pc/laptop. After you install the CWM via pc/laptop. having already installed then unplug CWM HH and into recovery. And don't forget the super-su root save a zip file on your sd card. and then install the root super through CWM-su. having already in the root. then install a custom rom or stock rom also through CWM as usual, if not yet installed a custom rom or stock rom search text:

1. Select wipe data/factory reset.
2. Select wipe cache partition
3. Select advance then wipe dalvik cache
4. Then install a custom rom or stock rom

After all the tutors is finished then you can already see the results.
I hope the above tips could be helpful as I practise on hp lenovo A6000 all this and thanks, If there is an error in writing or wrong in the ways above, I apologize in advance, because I am also still a newbi.
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